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1-2 Select SPRL

1-2 Select SPRL

Baeckelmansstraat 128
B-2830 Tisselt, Belgium
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1-2 Select was founded in 2001 in Brussels, with the objective of becoming a provider in four generic, but nevertheless closely related, domains: People, Technology, Organisation, and Communication. The company founders are specialists in the domain of e-Business, Management Consultancy, and IT Resourcing.

1-2 Select aims to be a unique partner of choice for organisations that have a demand for services and/or solutions in one or more of those domains, but do not have the time/resources to immediately be able to identify the right supplier(s!).

1-2 Select has invested considerably in the search, identification, and evaluation of, and establishing solid cooperation agreements with a limited number of trusted partners, nationally and internationally. This has resulted in a streamlined Onsite/Offshore business model combining a local client-focused approach with cost efficient offshore activities for project execution.

For the client, this concretely means that there is always a local point of contact for client relationship management, project coordination, and communication of client requirements to the relevant partner(s), and guaranteed correct delivery of the services/solutions (local contracts!), while achieving the most optimal Price/Quality ratio.
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