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Draaiboomstraat 6/11
B-2160 Wommelgem, Belgium
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Our core business is to supply high level consulting to all industries in Oracle / JD Edwards OneWorld / EnterpriseOne and World Software.

Our European approach allows the group to combine the resources and expertise of a powerful local presence in Belgium with a strong multilingual group of international consultants.

Since the beginning in 1997, OPM has successfully practised an ethic of responsibility. This strengthened the group’s long-term commitment to creating value for employees and clients. Our corporate strategy is, as always, focused on sustainable growth through continued economic and human advancement.

Our commitment to proven technology and innovation has kept OPM at the forefront in high-tech consulting. Our objective is to fulfil customer’s needs while enhancing the group’s expertise and competitiveness. The result is innovative solutions that improve performance on all levels.
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Draaiboomstraat 6/11 2160 Wommelgem Belgium
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