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Namahn Bvba/Sprl

Namahn Bvba/Sprl

Grensstraat 21
B-1210 Brussel, Belgium
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Namahn is a user-centered design consultancy based in Brussels, Belgium. We help clients design digital products in a user-centered way (as opposed to a technology-centered way). Our clients' aim is to deploy a product that is a pleasure to use, appropriate to the context of use, and leads to error-free operation.

Namahn works on 'digital products', that is, software-based products such as consumer electronics devices, kiosks, portals, knowledge bases, enterprise systems, decision support systems or equipment consoles. Any user interface can be improvedóor radically transformedóby applying Namahn's rigorous approach to user-centered design.

Namahn delivers more than just appropriate and approachable products. The benefits that derive from a good user interface include the following:

* risk reduction
* cost reduction
* increased return on investment
* competitive advantage, and
* organisational efficiency

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