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Curans Consulting

Curans Consulting

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B-2000 Antwerpen, Belgium
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Curans Consulting is a dynamic I.T. company that provides specialised services and software products in the area of business solutions development and consulting. At the moment we have focused our activities around two main axes:

∑ Onshore software development services :
Relying on a 100 % subsidiary in India and our ?onshore? project methodology, we focus on optimal project coordination deploying European project coordinators at the customer site. This way, Curans Consulting is offering the best of onsite and offshore development: high quality applications, tailored to the customers needs, delivered on time, at a very competitive price:

E-business Solutions:

Development of powerful and fast deployable Internet portals, extranet applications and building of web front-end applications for business critical applications, XML based business and streaming media integration.

Client server applications:

Includes any type of software development including database interaction, software interfaces, object oriented development, component building and software migration.

Mainframe support service center:

Full service solution for maintenance and development of mainframe applications (Cobol), based on a team of customer onsite project managers and an offshore team working via high speed connectivity lines directly on the customers mainframe.

∑ Software configuration management

Curans Consulting is a main competence centre in Belgium and Luxembourg of PVCS, the state-of-the-art solution for version management, problem flow management and quality control for software development (software configuration management). Curans Consulting offers a full set of PVCS on site services ranging from education to consulting and project implementation, helping the customer to set up a well-organised productive and high quality IT development department.

Some references of Curans Consulting:

Honeywell. European Commission.
Dolmen. Philips.
Groupe S. Belgacom Mobile.
Bacob. Electrabel.

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