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On Stage Events / Pr Com

On Stage Events / Pr Com

89 Boulevard De Waterloo Laan 89
B-1000 Brussel, Belgium
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On Stage Events / PR COM provides services in the following areas:
Concepts - Congresses - Debates - Product Launches - Events Coordination - Events Engineering - Events Logistics - Copywriting – Translations - Art Work - Printing - Promotions - Parties - Entertainment - Hosting - Performers - Voice over - MC .

On Stage Events / PR COM was set up in 2002 by Christian Nolens, former Director PR & Communication of the Kinepolis Group.
After 14 years of being active in the cinema sector, he decided to offer his expertise and ideas in event management and communications to companies and organisations from widely varying sectors.

On Stage Events / PR COM boasts an extensive knowledge of the Belgian market and works based on the “network system”, in which self-employed staff and suppliers are selected depending on the specific aspects - and the nature - of a project or assignment.
By doing this, the agency avoids having to maintain a cumbersome work structure and can offer targeted and tailor-made solutions which meet the expectations of even the most demanding client.

Besides the development and follow-up of each organisation or project from “scratch” to execution on-site, specificparts of an event can also be entrusted to On Stage Events / PR COM.

With a clear understanding of cost-benefit analysis, On Stage Events / PR COM looks every time for optimum solutions, services and logistical arrangements which best fit the nature of the event and the wishes of the client.
From concept to budgeting, from scenario to script, from production and execution to coordination and evaluation; all of these services are provided by On Stage Events / PR COM at the best market terms and conditions.
With a weekly communication/evaluation and strict budget monitoring, this agency distinguishes itself from others through its transparent work structure, in which services are provided exclusively on the basis of a fixed fee (no commissions on third party services).

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