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Sprietmolenstraat 19
B-1850 Grimbergen, Belgium
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Providing distinctive visual communication solutions for architects, urban planners, property developers, interior designers and all who are involved in the analysis and creation of built environment.

Simeon Netchev is a space planner by education and has over a decade of experience in design and computer illustration.

Having worked on a vast portfolio of projects (including a number of international competitions), he possesses comprehensive knowledge of the design process, as well as building construction and industry standards. His professional experience in the USA and Europe allows him to navigate easily through metric as well as imperial construction documents and code standards. He is accustomed to time and people pressure environments and has proven capable of meeting tight deadlines with meticulous attention to detail.

The principal goal is to produce visual products that meet the specific requirements of each individual client. Those may be: document and panel design, marketing graphics, rendered execution drawings, architectural illustrations, analysis maps and diagrams, data illustration, conceptual visualization, 3D modeling, competition renderings, walk-through animation, photo manipulation, Power Point presentations, CD brochures, overall presentation strategies and consulting.
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Grimbergen, Belgium
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