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BPS 2.0: E-Sourcing and SRM Software

The BPS platform improves collaboration between buyers and suppliers

BPS 2.0 assists organisations to optimise their sourcing process, from definition of requirements and specifications to supplier management, negotiation, selections and establishment of contracts.
Combined with our procurement assistance services, we offer a pragmatic tool to continuously monitor sourcing activities. The BPS software is easy to install and there is no need to set up a large IT implementation project. The tool offers a unique solution to define your sourcing strategy, enhance internal processes and align your organisation and resources.

The BPS 2.0 software helps you to automate and streamline the processes by empowering employees to collaborate across business units and with suppliers. This enhancement will result in decreasing process costs and cycle times, while improving information exchange and negotiation effectiveness.

Workflow overview and screenshot

Process flow

Your private marketplace


1. Reduce purchasing process costs
Automate different steps in the purchasing process to concentrate resources on value added activities (spec definition, supplier selection & negotiation)
Secure a paper-free process and simplify routine tasks
Avoid maverick, wasteful and off-contract spending

2. Shorten cycle times & improve information exchange

Reduce the time to market of a request for proposal
Make better and faster decisions through easy bid comparison
Increase the speed of data exchange with suppliers and negotiate online
Share ideas and information with suppliers
3. Improve control & monitoring
Improve and structure the process and approval workflows throughout the organisation
Monitor purchase history and spent statistics
4. Capture knowledge & experience
Integrate disparate internal information sources to gain visibility and control
Share sourcing knowledge & experience and best practices within the organisation
Reuse specifications and templates to increase data accuracy
5. Enhance supplier transparency & negotiation effectiveness
Define and structure the way suppliers present their bids
Send and recieve automatic notifications to and from suppliers
Review comparable bids according to the same criteria
Negotiate more effectively by aggregation demand and improve requirement definition
6. Make life easier
Use a browser based, self-service application that is easy to install on your intranet
Choose for a pragmatic solution and avoid years of IT and consulting projects
Build on the Bobex content database and procurement methodology

E-sourcing tool

1. Sourcing Preparation
Management of sourcing categories
Preparation and standardisation of your request and bidding speciafiactions (templates)
RFP template library (multi-language content)

2. Supplier's base management
Management of suppliers and their profiles
Selection tool for bidding participation
Automatic notifications tools
3. Creation and approval of RFx
Workflow management from draft to approved RFx (request for information, proposal or quote)
4. Review, comparison and negotiation of bids
Comparison tools for bids and supplier profiles On-line communictation and negotiation tools
5. Relationship management
Contract initiation tool
Reporting and automated supplier's feedback
Virtual workspace for files and documents exchange
Tracking tools and statistics
6. Data Exchange
Integration with enterprise applications (XML exchange)

What does BPS 2.0 offer?

- Preparation and standardisation of your request specifications (RFP templates)
- Preparation and standardisation of your bidding specifications (bidding templates)
- Selection of the participating suppliers
- Creation of your own private marketplace
- Possibility to negotiate online with suppliers using the online communication tools
- Tool to compare different bids and supplier profiles
- Tool to select a winning bid with reporting and feedback tool
- Virtual workspace to exchange files and documents
- Link to your back office and RFP (XML or flat file exchange)


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